Not Moving to NEXT slide

 What am I missing?  I'm trying to have the NEXT button go from gray to NORMAL after 2 or 10 seconds.  I also want the user to be able to click the NEXT button after 2 or 10 seconds to move to the next slide.  What is happening is the NEXT button becomes NORMAL after 2 or 10 seconds, yet the user cannot move to the next slide until the timeline ends.  I set it up one way with only triggers (see attached) and I set it up another way with a variable and triggers (see other attached).  Nothing in these attachments show to wait until timeline ends.  Please help.  Thank you.

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Dan Felice

Yep, that was the problem.  You're the man Michael!  I never would have thought of that because I restricted the slides so long ago.  Plus, I wouldn't have wanted to take that away because I wouldn't have wanted the users to move around randomly, but I'm not displaying the menu in the course so it won't matter now.

Thanks so much Michael.  I was racking my brain all day yesterday over this one.  Thank God for E-Learning Heroes.