Not my problem.... I think?

Hi Everyone,

I have finished a module of learning for a company. Its been tested by me and them and works as a SCORM file on the test system just fine. They loaded it on their production system today and it works..... so long as the learner is using an external internet connection or using the internet connection from their "main network pipe" at the state HQ. It creates an error in the final assessment if done from a computer in their regional offices. They are using SAP as their LMS.

They have asked me to review the product, thinking it is an error with articulate. But - if it works in the other circumstances apart from certain computers connected to the internet through their own network, surely its not an Articulate thing????

Has anyone come across something like this before?


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Kathryn Burke

I'm loading to test in scorm cloud at the moment.

It's been tested in explorer and chrome without issue.... Have also used same computer to check with internal and external connection to check if it was standard security settings on work computers, but the same computer worked fine with an external internet connection.

I'm thinking it must be some security thing with their internal connection. It does let them access the module but it messes up/crashes in the final assessment at the end if they are on the internal connection at certain locations.

I am seeing stuff about issues with SAP LMS on here, but the LMS is playing it fine for people too who aren't on those internal connections.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hey Kathryn,

If it's only with that internal connection, they'll want to look into any settings that may be blocking Flash, HTML, SWF, or JS file types - as those will all exist as a part of the published output. Beyond that broad recommendation I'd have to defer to your IT team and Phil's suggestion to also test it in SCORM Cloud as that'll help isolate the issue further to just the internal connection and that specific LMS. 

Feel free to keep us posted here as that's definitely an odd one!