Not playing Audio when returning to a screen

I have a screen that has 4 images, when the user clicks onto one of the images they are taken to another screen. They then return back to the 1st screen.

How do I stop the audio playing again when they return to the 1stscreen? They will potentially visit this screen 4 times before moving on & I don't want to keep replaying the audio instructions.

Many thanks in advance.

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Michael Hinze

There are lots of ways to do this. One option is to use a variable that determines if the audio is played. In this quick example, I use the visited state of the four items to set the variable to false. If any of the four items is in visited state (aka "has been clicked") then the variable is set to false and the audio is stopped. You could also set the variable on the slides that each provide more info when an item is clicked. Hope that helps.