I don't want audio to play when returning to a screen

I have a screen that features 4 layers, when the screen is first visited you will get the audio giving instructions on how to find out more (clicking 4 icons).

Once a user has clicked on one of the icon they are taken to a layer, when finished they click on the 'x' to retun to the main screen.

How do I stop the audio playing again when they return to the screen?  They will potentially visit this screen 4 times before moving on to the next screen & I don't want to keep replaying the audio instructions.

Many thanks in advance.

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Bruce Graham

Hi Helen,

Create a variable called "audioplayed", (or whatever) - make it True/False, initially set to False.

Create a Trigger on each of the 4 layers that says "Change variable value of Autoplayed to True when Timeline ion layer starts.

Create a Trigger on the Base Layer that says "Play Audio on Timeline start slide x when Valiableaudioplayed = False.

That way, if it is True, it does not get re-played when they get back to it.

Hopefully that makes sense.


PS - have the 4  icons appear at the end of the initial audio, so that they listen to it! I usually say something like "When they appear, click on...."