Not Returing to Last Slide on Restart

I'm having a problem I've never experienced before.  I have a course that is set to "prompt to resume" on restart.  The function seems to work fine when I exit from content questions.  But, if I exist after passing or failing the assessment, instead of bringing me back to the assessment results slide, it brings me back to question 6, question 7 or question 8.  When I use the menu to return to the beginning of the assessment, it shows that I have answered the previous questions, but that I have not answered the questions starting with the one I'm taken to when I resume.  I can't detect a pattern for when it is one or the other, but have noticed it is always one of these t

The course seems to be recording my scores correctly in our LMS, so I know it is recording my answers to all the questions.

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Harri C

Hi Judy,

We experienced a similar problem a few months ago and it turned out is was to do with the length of the scorm data that we were passing to and from the LMS. To try and resolve this we shortened the name of the course.

I appreciate that this isn't really a solution but I hope this helps 


Judy Hogan


Thank you for your response.  Just to clarify, did you shorten the name of the Storyline published file and/or the name of the course in your LMS?

Both of these file names are shorter than what we've used with other courses, but we are going to try to make both even shorter - just in case.  It does totally make sense that the problem has to do with network connection - as the issue seems to be intermittent.

Thank you again!!!!  I'll let you know what we discover.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Judy,

It sounds like Harri was referring to the SCORM data limits described here,  although I can't say that I've seen the file name length alone impact that.  You also mentioned that the loss of progress in the course could be related to issues with your network connection, and since Storyline loads content progressively a user may not notice it right away. You may want to implement  the method  described here to alert the users.