Not sure if this is a bug or..

Aug 15, 2021

some change that i donot understand yet.

So i have set custom accessibility names on 4 clickable elements. 2 Buttons... A and B and an image and a hotspot. As seen below...the acc-names for the buttons are not recognized. 
On another check on the code Storyline creates you will notice it changes back the custom accname into a default one. That thus makes it very difficult to use accnames on buttons.
As you can see here... i set a custom name for the button...
And then on hover the accname of the button changes back to the default text of the button as seen here.
Thus making it useless when using custom naming for the accnames.
Offcourse you can change the accessibility name on each state of the button...but that makes it quite some extra work.

If this is intended by the development team...well that makes using custom accessibility names quite a pain because for buttons you need to change it on all states then...

Is this a bug ? Something forgotten by the developers ? How to qualify this ?

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Phil Mayor

There is something odd inside of buttons the first one I add has a tag of button 1 but inside the states the normal is button 2 and all other states are button 3.

It is intentional that states can have different tags, but I believe expected behaviour is that all states inherit the default tag until you edit them.

I believe this is a bug, have reported as a bug.


Math Notermans

Agree with you on it being at least confusing and probably a bug.... in previous versions when customizing the acc-name all states inherited that name..

Good thing about it however is, that by testing it i found a way to get the acc-name of any given element without need for customizing it...thus being able to trigger specific Javascript for any given page-element. That makes reusable JS possible.