Possible bug in Accessibility names in Storyline360

Jan 16, 2023

When you add a button and check the accessibility name... on creation it will take the Buttons default name 'Button 1'. But the accessibility names of the states will be different... 'Button 2', 'Button 3' etc.

As is, thats no problem and its good you can change the accessibility names for states per state. The problem however occurs when you change the timeline name for your button or create a custom accessibility name for the button. Then it doesnot take over that name to the states. They keep their original names. I would think changing a button accessibility name would change the states names to have all that name.

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Math,

Thanks for sharing the behavior you're expecting with your buttons and the alt text.

I'd like to be sure that I'm understanding your request:

If you modify the timeline name and it's directly linked to the alt text, would you expect your custom alt text to be eliminated as well?

Once I have a better understanding, I'd be happy to create a feature request on your behalf.

Math Notermans

As it is now... when you have a button and change the acc-name for it...it only changes the 'normal' state. I would prefer that changing a acc-name, will change all states. Now you have to check and fix all states. It is fine that you can change acc-names on individual states, but on a new button changing the acc-name on the normal state should reflect on the other states.

When you customized acc-names on different buttons states...they should not be influenced by any change on the normal state or timeline name, else you might loose a lot of work,