Not video, not a slideshow, somewhere in between...

Aug 12, 2013

So, my client naturally loves some custom video we shot for them and now it's dwarfing the rest of the training. The feedback was that it was not as good as the video--too slideshow'ish. I'm not surprised because it's hard to compete with video but we can't do the whole training as video for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that budget is already blown. Any ideas on how I can make my training more engaging and strike a balance between the sexy video they like and the slideshow of custom photos that they don't care for as much? Any samples/examples would be great. Thanks!

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Tom Kuhlmann

Perhaps you should share an example of what your video looks like compared to what they don't like with the presentations. You can do a lot to make the presentation content seem less like slides, but without some context it may be hard to know.

Here's a video created entirely in PPT and saved as MP4. The original PPT file is in the sample templates section for PowerPoint 2010.

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