Notes Appear in Wrong Color

Jun 29, 2020

I haven't seen quite this issue in the discussions. The Notes sometimes appear in a blued-out color that seems to have a filter over it. Adjusting the font color on the Home tab does not correct the issue.


This situation sometimes corrects itself, which is good but adds to the mystery!

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Don Muske

Thanks for your response, Katie,
At this point in time we do not know whether the text appears in blue when published as we are not at that point, yet. This issue has shown up in at least 4 different projects and always when a project has been pulled from Team Slides, if that is helpful. The font we are using is Tahoma. The version ID I cannot find but we last updated our version on June 2nd of this year.
What's really odd is that it is not consistent - the Notes from a slide will appear this way and the next slide may be fine. We will continue to watch for this and respond if we can spot anything that might be helpful.

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