Notes text doesn't show in course


I am re-working an old course. I have added a few new slides including notes text. On those slides the text is shown when I review/publish this course. The old excising slides didn't have any notes text so I added notes text to those also, but those notes don't show when I review/publish this course.


What should I do?

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Bonimira.  Thanks for sharing those slides - it was really helpful!  I saw that you had customized the player features on two slides, and the Introduction slide (1.3) didn't have the Notes feature checked:

When previewing the course, the Notes tab (and the Menu tab) won't appear on the player for that slide.  In Story view, you can quickly scan through your slide properties and just be sure that you either set the Player features to default, or that you have the Notes option checked.

Let me know if that helps!