Notification by email?

I have Moodle Version 3.0 and built a storyline 2 scorm object as a quiz with the results slide showing the correct information. I can't figure out how to receive an email to a predetermined email address when a learner has completed the scorm object to flag that I need to check their participation. (Thought this would be simple)

I have found a few older posts explaining the setup of notifications, profiles, in Moodle but cannot get any to work. I tried triggers in storyline for 'send email to' and one on java script but again, no emails are being sent.

Does anyone have an update on how this can be done and/or what settings need to be in place to assure it works 100%

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Dave Cox

Hi Trevor,

Is this your own server, or a hosted server? If it is your own server, you need to have web services, including an email server installed on the server. Then you can set Moodle up to send email notifications.

You can't send email notifications from Articulate, except through an email client. Depending on your environment, you may or may not have access to an email client. "What is an email client?", you ask. An email client is a program, like outlook, that handles user emails. When you attempt to send an email using javascript, the email goes through the user's email client.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Trevor,

In addition to what Dave and Phil mentioned, for the "send email" triggers to work with your email client it would need to be one installed on the system - not a web based email client (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) so the email trigger can be inconsistent for users depending on which they utilize. 

I would suspect that Moodle has a way to send these notifications since that's where the tracking of data is kept and recorded. Do you have a Moodle team to reach out to or perhaps look at posting within a general Moodle support forum? 

Dan Marsden

This isn't something that is supported in the core Moodle codebase very well - there are a few different 3rd party Moodle plugins that support it though - you might want to check out the Re-engagement plugin (developed by the company I work for) - it takes a bit of effort to understand how it works but it's quite powerful when you understand how to use it.

Trevor Clay

Thank you to all that have replied, it is a challenge to take over a system built by a previous employee with no documented history on build or modifications.

It seems that a 3rd party plugin for Moodle may be the quickest way to set this up. I am looking at a reports plugin that will let me custom build a report with SQL that can then be scheduled to be sent to anyone I add to the list of email addresses.