nov 27th storyline 360 update question

Nov 27, 2018

I have a question about the following fix 'Fixed: A SCORM 2004 course using either Passed/Incomplete or Passed/Failed reporting options wouldn't resume after meeting the completion requirement."


Can someone explain what this means?

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Leslie McKerchie

Sure Eric, thanks for reaching out to ask.

We fixed a bug where a course would not resume after meeting the completion requirement with the following publish settings:

  • Passed/Incomplete published to SCORM 2004       
  • Passed/Failed published to SCORM 2004

Are you running into a similar issue that you'd like us to take a look at?

Ben McKenna

Hey Leslie,

We've noticed that SCORMs on our LMS would resume properly up until we completed the course. Once the course was marked as "complete", users could restart the course using the restart course trigger but their 2nd run-through would not be tracked (i.e. they would always resume from the very last slide instead of where they left off).

Is this the same issue as mentioned in the patch notes?

I should note we've been running into this problem with SCORM 1.2 instead of 2004 though.

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Ben.  Your issue does sound similar.  So that I can see if this is reproducible in our latest update, let me grab a couple of details:

  • What reporting status do you use when publishing SCORM 1.2?  (Passed/Incomplete, Complete/Incomplete, etc)
  • After completing the course, it sounds like it will allow you to relaunch and start the course over.  If you leave the course from that new attempt, it will always restart you at the last slide.  Is that accurate?
  • What LMS are you using?

I'll have a look and see if we have any issues with resuming previously completed courses!

Ben McKenna

Thanks Crystal,

  • We use Passed/Incomplete
  • Yes, we give learners the option to resume in both the publishing settings and on the LMS. If they select Continue again after meeting the completion requirements, it'll always return them to the point where the completion requirement was met.
  • We're using Schoox

Hope this helps! :D

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Ben for those additional details. 

What happens if the learner resumes a course that they had not yet met the completion requirement? Do they return to where they left off then? What you're describing sounds similar to this article, but that shouldn't be happening with passed/incomplete.  

One final tidbit needed - are you tracking by quiz result or number of slides viewed? 

Ben McKenna

Hey Ashley,

I read over the article and it sounds similar to what we've been experiencing. We aren't in control of our LMS so we can't say whether that behaviour is by design. Saying that, we use Passed/Incomplete in conjunction with the Course Completion trigger which was introduced a while back. We don't use any formal assessment/quizzes in our modules.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ben, 

Did you look at changing those items mentioned in the article to see if it would work in your LMS? 

I'd also be happy to test your file out in another LMS standard, such as SCORM Cloud. If you or I can see the same issue happening there too, that's a good sign that there may still be an issue and I can report that to my team! Let me know if you're able to test there or share a copy of your project file with me for testing. 

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