Numeric Entry text size changes when previewed.

Oct 23, 2014

I need some help with a numeric entry field.  I have created a numeric entry field that I want users to enter a number before they can proceed. My only problem is that once I preview the numeric entry field the number shrinks.

The first image is what it looks like on the slide prior to previewing. 

Base Layer



When I preview the slide the number shrinks. Any ideas why? Thanks in advance for any help. 


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Michael Lacy

Good morning,

Thank you both for your feedback. Stephanie, when published it acts almost the same. The only change is the starting text the number zero is the size I want but when you enter text it is smaller.

Wendy, I checked out your link and checked the dpi. Everything is fine on that end.

Unfortunately I couldn't get it to act exactly like I wanted but I did find a compromise. I lowered the font size ( from 359 to 159 ) of the starting text to match the entered text. The number won't fill the area like I wish it would but it won't take away from the effect.  Thanks again. 


Starting Text

Entered Text

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