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Nov 10, 2016


I have a slide that has 4 layers.  They all work well except for one of them. On the circle where you click to go to the layer "Learn" another oval shows that is not on the slide.  I have attached the story file, because for the life of me, I can't figure it out.  I have redesigned it, made a new story file , etc.  and it still happens, but only on that one layer.  Thanks for the help.

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Kirsti Harris

I think a glitch of some kind is causing the shapes to show up. Michael's fix works, which means the glitch is tied to the triggers in some way - though I agree it doesn't seem to make sense. Even after taking your triggers out, the colors still change - Storyline changes shapes to visited by default as long as the visited state is made for the buttons.

Another alternative is to put in a white/colored square in to give a background to each of your layers; that seems to block the mystery shapes from showing too.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leonora,

As Michael mentioned the visited state is built in and has some pre-defined behaviors. If you're adding triggers to that or controlling it differently that can cause unintended consequences and could account for the behavior you're seeing. Often allowing the states to work as expected clears up those oddities and if you'd like to utilize your own custom behaviors and triggers you can do so using the custom states - just steer clear of any of the pre-set state names. 

Walt Hamilton


If you are referring to this oval


it is not the only oval. If you click on learning, then the X to close learning, and click on Experiment, you will see this:


In fact, Generalize also shows:


Here's why:


When you show the layers, they are set to hide the base layer, but the second trigger (Change state to visited) performs a function on the base layer, making it visible again. You could make the ovals disappear by changing the order of the triggers, but DON'T DO IT. As everybody has stated, creating your own triggers to do what a built-in trigger does can have interesting, but seldom useful results.

You never noticed the other ovals because in testing you clicked learning, then on the learning layer you clicked the other buttons. Those buttons only had the show layer trigger, and not the change state trigger, so they didn't make the base layer visible again.

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