Object interaction

Hi forum!

Is there a way for one object, lets say a circle, to have
a state changed when "touching" or "landing" on another
object, like another object?

I'm protoyping in Storyline 2 with animations and have

a circle moving around in four different directions using four buttons.

Okay, so on the "stage" I also have an obstacle in form

of a rectangle.

When the circle touches the rectangle I'd like to show a layer
telling the user he or she have done wrong and reset the slide

to start all over again.

I think I get all of the above except how to have the layer shown
when the circle touches the rectangle.

Possible? If so any suggestions?

All the best and thanks for any good clues!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Patrick,

There are two possibilities i can think of for this. You can use the trigger "show layer" when object (circle) is "dropped on"  the rectangle.

Then have your try again layer show.

Or you could make this a Freeform drag and drop quiz slide. When a user drops the circle on the incorrect shape, the rectangle, the "try again" feedback layer will show. You would have to make feedback available by question, and set this to unlimited attempts.

I could share a file for example, are you using SL1 or SL2?