Object is visible to accessibility tools setting

I am wondering if this setting can be made "opt in" instead of "opt out". There can invariably be a lot of screen assets that do not need to be visible to accessibility tools and it would certainly save me a great deal of time If I could decide what is needed instead of having to change the setting for everything that is not needed. If this is not possible or even desirable then perhaps  when I select all objects and change the setting it would work for not only groups but the objects in the groups as well. Currently the objects within the group do not change and I must go into each group and turn off the setting for the objects within them. Any thoughts or advice?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello David!

Thanks for taking the time to share this! Right now, this setting is turned on by default but I can see how it would be helpful to choose this behavior for all objects or none. 

I'm happy to share this with our team! You can also include additional thoughts by submitting a feature request.

Sam Hill

I'd like to give this a further vote. I was writing my own thoughts then saw David's post was along the same thread.

This is a big frustration of mine. I'm really happy for ALT text to be on by default for Text fields and any kinds of form components, buttons etc.

I have a problem with ALT text being on by default for Shapes and Lines etc. Even images and illustrations isn't worth it too, as invariably a lot of shapes, lines, images, illustrations are decorative and it would make sense to "opt in" to these, as we will be pro-actively setting good ALT text values on them. I test so many Storyline modules where somebody has forgotten to or doesn't know to hide decorative elements.

The other issue is some of the icons and illustration brought in to projects have several nested grouped elements that all have unhelpful ALT text values defined. And whenever you group something it will automatically add an ALT value of "Group 1" or similar. I can't see the logic in this. If we want a value, we'll add one. I think better no value than "image_one_19204_JPG.jpg". This just creates meaningless noise for screen reader users.

I think it's worth a look at anyway, as I think we spend more time removing from AT than we do adding the values we do want.