Object to appear when group clicked

May 01, 2020

Hi Everyone

Basically, I created a menu from scratch using shapes and text. I also used a conditional Next Button.  The navigation and Next button function properly.

I want a checkmark to appear next each menu item after a user has clicked that menu item to show it has been visited.  That menu item jumps to another page and then the user returns to select another menu item to jump to another page(s), etc.  I added the checkmarks, set initial state to Hidden.  Then I added a trigger saying to change state of "Check 1" to Normal when user clicks "Group 1" (the shape and text grouping of menu item 1".

When I preview the checkmarks never appear.  I believe it is because the menu page "resets" every time you navigate back to it, so it doesn't know a menu item was ever clicked.  How do I retain the "memory" so when a user returns to the menu page, it remembers an object was clicked?

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Sally Wiedenbeck

Hi Brian,

In the layers pane, with the slide base layer selected, click on the little gear icon. This opens up a slide settings menu, and you can select "resume saved state" for how to work upon revisiting.

Another thing that can cause this is trigger order- make sure your state change trigger is above the jump to trigger for the other slide.

Walt Hamilton

Two thoughts: There is a sample here that does what you ask for https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/free-sample-restricted-and-free-random-navigation-using-variables-and-triggers  I find using variables and triggers to be a much more robust process than depending on states.

Also, anytime you create a Visited state, the trigger to change to Visited is automatically created, although hidden. Creating your own trigger that duplicates it can cause unusual (and seldom welcome) results. You should delete those triggers no matter what your final solution.

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