Delaying state change by a fixed time

Jan 27, 2016

Hey everyone.

I'm working on an interactive menu in Storyline 2, and I have 5 different menu items that appear as needed. The way I'm doing it now is that I trigger a state change in the next item that I want to appear in the menu when the previous one's state changes to "Visited". This essentially works, but when the user clicks on the first item to navigate away from this page, the next item shows up immediately upon mouse up. This is functional but the button appearing right before the page changes is very distracting. Is there a way to delay the arrival of that new, state-changed, button for long enough for the page to change, so when they return to that page it's there but they don't see it appearing?

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Walt Hamilton

I think Wendy exited before she got finished. Add this:

When the user leaves the visited page, set a variable.

When the timeline of the menu page starts, set the button to completed state and the next button to normal state is the variable is true.

Visited state is designed basically for the page it is on, but is less reliable if you visit other pages and come back. That's why lots of us use the variable approach.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Pete

if i understand correctly

1. you could create  a T/F variable default it to false.

2. on slide 8 add a trigger to adjust variable to true when timeline starts on slide 8

3. back on the slide with the button add a trigger change state of button to completed when timeline starts on slide with button on condition that variable is = true

Becky Hayes

I know this thread is a little old, but I am having this same issue. I have very limited experience with variables, and I am having trouble understanding the solution offered. I have created a "menu" slide with four buttons. I need the user to visit three of the buttons before the last one appears, but I don't like that the button appears upon the mouse release as the user leaves the slide after clicking the third button. It sounds like variables will fix this, but I don't understand how. Any help from the collective brain would be much appreciated.

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