Object trigger from slide master not functioning


I'm not sure if what I want is going to be possible, but let me know if you know of a workaround for this situation:

I have an object on my slide master, on a layout, and the object has a trigger on it. When I apply the layout to my slide, the object appears on my slide as expected. The trigger works fine.

The problem is when I add an image that I want to be a background image. On the slide, I insert a new image and send it to the back.

I can still see my object from the slide master, which is what I want. But the trigger for it is not working. It seems like the image is laying over the object (at least for the functionality aspect of it) even though I can still see the object and it appears on top of the photo. The trigger works fine when there is no image behind it on the slide.

How can I get the object from the slide master to be "on top" of any text of graphics I add to my slide so that the trigger still functions? Any ideas for layering the items or a trigger or variable that will bring the object to the top over any images or text?

As a last resort, I can just put the image directly on my slide, but my team wants objects that are on every slide to be on slide layers for faster development.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Anna,

You're absolutely correct - the background from your slide is going to cover any content that's in your Master layout.

There are a couple of options here that might work for you:

First, you can place your content from your Master onto a layer in that layout. Trigger the layer to open when the timeline starts, if you want the object to appear right away.

Another option would be to use that background within the Master layout itself. For example, if you want to use that background for the design of multiple slides that will use the layout, you can add it to the layout and not have to apply it to each slide.

A final option would be to create additional layouts in the Master that use different backgrounds, but the same objects. This way you can use different designs, but still have access to the initial setup for the Master. 

Let me know if you still have trouble with this, or if you have any questions.

Thanks, Anna!