Object with no alt text still 'shows up' when tabbing

My slide has 11 objects.  The Alt Text box on the Size/Position window is UNCHECKED for 8 of them, however, if I add an object (like a text box or image) to the hover or selected state of any of those 8, the tab key still 'sees' that object in slide preview, highlighting the item (see image below).  If I leave only the item and format it (for example, give it a glow), the tab skips it like it's supposed to.  My understanding was that if you have the Alt Text box unchecked, the object would not be 'seen' by screen readers or the tab key.  Did I misunderstand or is there something I'm missing here?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Brenda,

I checked this out and first it looks like once you have added an elements to a state, they also have the "alt text" automatically enabled. After unchecking them in the size and position window - I did experience the tab behavior continuing. I'll share this with our QA team, although I don't have a time frame to offer and would suggest to continue to use the workaround you've found.