Objects are not showing on particular given time on online due to video buffer...

May 04, 2016

Hi all..

I am working with sl2 and i am facing some problems regarding interactive videos.. I want to show highlight/image/caption on a particular time stamp on running video and its working fine when i checked locally but after uploading and checked online then video buffering occur but timeline is still playing then highlight/image/caption doesn't play on given time stamp, they appear before the given time and its also not working then i moved with video seek bar.

So is there any way to control video buffer and seek bar moving without affecting objects appearing?


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Crystal Horn

Hey Amit.  I wanted to provide you first with our documentation about how content is pre-loaded when a user is viewing your published output.  

Also, here is some information about how an mp4 video won't play until it is fully downloaded (and videos in published content should progressively download, meaning the user shouldn't have to wait for the video to download before it starts).

Do you have your video set to play automatically when that slide starts?  I'm guessing that you do, since your images and captions are likely appearing at points on the timeline.  You could attach your .story file here, and we'd be happy to take a look at your set up!

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