Objects disappearing at end of timeline, even though go til end

Sep 12, 2013


I keep getting this problem (I'm making my first storyline project). Everything will be working fine, and then I make edits to a part of slide and when I go to preview, the text, images, etc disappear from the slide right at the end. (I currently have a button set up to change from state of hidden to normal when timeline ends becuase I have audio). So, the Continue button shows, but things that used to also stay, now disappear. 

When I go to the timeline, it looks like everything is all lined up at the end, so I dont know why the disappear -- I've had to just re-do entire slides - but maybe there is something going on that I'm not aware of. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


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Steve Gannon

Hi Stephanie,

Look at the end of the bars on the timeline. Do they have a little right arrow on the far right of the bar? If not, they're not set to display until the timeline ends and, as you are apparently experiencing, will disappear at the very last moment of the slide. To fix this, right click on the bar and select "Show until end". That should take care of it.

Matthew Millard

Thank you for answering. Fortunately for me I figured it out. The truth is that when I thought I was modifying the exit animation to turn them off, I had in fact turned off the starting animations. Once I figured that out, I was able to correct it.

The take home message is to be very methodical when you are testing solutions.


Jack Calderone

Hi Ashley,

Was there any progress on this issue? I have a slide with a set of 5 buttons which lead into various modules of an eLearning. Upon completion of any module I've set up my project to take me back to the navigation slide. However returning to this slide always makes the button for the module which i've come from disappear. I have "Always show" selected for all 5 buttons, but this remains a consistent problem.

Jacqui Yoo

I have an issue where the text in the HTML5 version, in my first slide, disappears at the end, even though it's set to "show until end". If I remove the slide trigger that resets the results slide, it doesn't disappear. Attaching .story file here.

Any help is appreciated!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacqui,

Thanks for sharing a copy of your file here. I'm unclear on your use of the "reset results" trigger on your first slide though - I see you've also include it on the failure layer of the results slide and that is where I would expect it to go based on allowing the user the ability to reattempt the course. Since that trigger on the first slide is what is seeming to cause the issue and isn't needed based on the ability to include the "reset results" trigger on the results slide I would look at removing it and then continue on with the course as needed.

Jacqui Yoo

The "reset results trigger" isn't working as expected in HTML5. I have engaged in a thread about that here. I was attempting to experiment with a workaround by placing the trigger on the first slide instead of the failure slide, to see if it would work there instead.

I found that by putting the trigger at the beginning of the slide, and starting the text animation onto screen a few seconds after the start of the slide, that the text no longer disappears.

I still experience the issue of the course not delivering new random questions when it is restarted by the user (per the other thread).

It seems that there are a few glitches around the "reset results" trigger in HTML5.