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Christie Pollick

Hi, Chad -- Thank you for stopping in to inquire on a status update. It appears that this ticket is still open and was updated as recently as last week with additional customer videos illustrating the behavior, however, our QA team has had intermittent luck with being able to reproduce the issue so it is still being investigated. I will definitely be sure that this thread is updated as soon as any new information is received. Many thanks for your patience. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mia -- So sorry to hear you are experiencing this difficulty, as well. Our QA team is aware of the issue and is doing their best to investigate the matter at this time. If you would like to share a file, steps you took when you experienced this issue, or a screencast to illustrate your experience, you are certainly welcome to attach any additional supporting materials here and I will be sure to add them to the existing QA ticket. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Russ - This thread is a bit dated, but I was able to track down the issue. Prioritization has become a focus recently and it actually looks like this is at the fore-front of communication right now. Sorry to hear that you ran into the issue as well, but by commenting here you are now subscribed to any applicable updates.