Objects on base layer showing in other layers when hidden

May 24, 2016

Hi There,

I'm having an issue where the objects on my base layer are showing on other layers. I have tried many fixes but I can't seem to make it work.

I have hidden the text box on the layer but it still pops up.

To recreate my issue you will need to:

1) click on the first logo at the bottom of the page asap

2) after 13 seconds you will see a text box that says 'click on an image to find out more'

This text box is on the base layer, it doesn't show on subsequent layers if the time has passed 13 seconds but if you click on the image at the bottom before 13 seconds it appears on the layer.

I hope someone out there can help me.




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Ron Price

I did not see any additional layers on the file you sent.  So, I am not able to test.  However,  make sure you are working from you C Drive (not a network).  Also, are you triggering the audio or is it just playing on the layer?

I recommend making sure the audio files do not have the same name in the timeline.

If you have a more complete slide to send - I can take a look.


charlene neale

Hi Ron,

Here is the complete issue. To create the problem you'll need to:

1)click on the second image (building) you'll then hear the correct audio (phone ringing)

2) click on the fourth image, you'll then hear a busy motorway

3) then click back on the second image and you will hear that both sounds that have merged

You'll also notice how the text box 1 from the base layer randomly appears even though it's hidden.

Thanks again, Charlene.

Ron Price

Looks like you a few things competing - the main problem is the resume timeline trigger on your base slide-  get rid of that.  The layers will handle that - that should stop the multiple audio files.

Also, for audio based layers . . . I like setting the "when revisting ..." option on the layer to reset to initial state.

I hope that helps

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