Visited state on base layer showing through on target layer

Sep 24, 2012

I have a column of text boxes on the base layer, each of which launches another layer. When returning to the base layer, the visited text appears gray (using the Visited state). I've hidden all base layer objects on all my other layers, but the base layer text that you click on (and then changes to its visited state) is showing through on the target layer. What can I do to hide this?

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Kathy Englert

Hello Adrian,

Thanks for the reply. I have ALL objects on the base layer hidden (I've selected the Hide Base Layer check box on each of my layer properties). On the base layer are a series of text boxes, each of which is configured with a trigger that takes you to a different layer. Each layer also contains a button that takes you back to the base layer. When returning to the base layer, I wanted it to be obvious which text items have already been chosen ... so I've configured each one to have a Visited state that shows grayed out text. The problem is that the Visited text (the grayed out text) is showing through on the subsequent layers. Nothing else from the base layer shows up ... just the Visited state of the text  - and only the text that has just been clicked and has, thus, just converted to its Visited state. I hope this makes sense! Any idea what's going on? How can I hide this text?



Kathy Englert

I’ve viewed that tutorial before, but I looked at it again per your suggestion in case I missed something. But there’s nothing in there thathelps. As I mentioned, I’m hiding all objects on the base layer, so there’snothing else I can hide. I have the base layer set to Resume saved state whenrevisited (so the Visited state of the text boxes that have been clicked willbe visible). I have each layer set to Reset to initial state when revisited.

It’s odd that the only thing that is showing through is the baselayer text box just clicked – and it shows through in its Visited state. It’sas if once it changes state, it is no longer hidden. I really don’t know whatelse to try.

Thanks for any additional tips you can provide!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael! I went to check on that previous support case, and here's what the resolution was for Kathy:

Storyline allows you to apply multiple triggers to the same object.  You can also apply triggers to master slides as well as content slides.  Here are the rules regarding the order in which all these triggers get executed when users view your published course: 

It's good to remember that trigger placement is always a good place to check first. 

In your specific case, it appears that the problem is caused by changing the state on the Base Layer *after* displaying the Target Layer. I found two possible resolutions to the problem: 

1. If we move the State Change trigger before the Show Layer trigger, I no longer see the text showing through. 

2. I can also fix it by removing the State Change trigger from the Base Layer and placing it on the Return Button of the target layer. 

Hopefully this resolution will work for you as well.

Thanks and have a great day!

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