Can't make objects on the base layer stop being visible

Jan 12, 2016

Hi folks,

I have three layers on the screen. I have "Hide objects on base layer" checked.

For each layer, I have the base layer objects hidden on the timeline.

But when I click on the image that triggers a layer, the items on the baseline still show up, with animations intact that are not programmed as the image changes to a Visited state.

I know I must be missing something. Does anyone have any ideas about how I can keep base layer objects from showing up on other layers if I've done the two things I've mentioned?




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Christie Pollick

Hi, George -- Thanks for reaching out with your question! You may want to take a look at this article on Hiding a Base-Layer Object from Appearing on Other Slide Layers in Articulate Storyline. If the information there does not do the trick, can you please also verify if you are seeing the same behavior when testing in the intended environment, as well?

And as Wendy mentioned, it's always helpful if you can share your file here in the thread so others can take a look and do some testing. Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT in the bottom left corner of the reply box, and browse/upload from there! :)

Cédric Froehlich

Hi Georges!

I had the same issue... I figured out that it appears when you have shapes or object on base layer that are supposed to change their state after visiting the layer (ie: change to state Visited, or from hidden to normal, etc)... And this, no matter if you hide them from the timeline or layer options...

I didn't find how to manage those bugs, but what i actually do is to place a square from the same colors than my background on the layer's backgnd to hide the object on the base layer...

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cedric -- Thanks so much for chiming in here to assist George! If you have a sample file or something you can share to illustrate the steps you've mentioned, I am sure that would be greatly appreciated by others coming across this thread seeking assistance. :)

Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply and browse/upload from there!

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