Objects on Master Slide Not Staying in a State Set by Variable

We have flag objects on master slide. States are off, on and cleared.

Object = flag01

Variable = flag01

Trigger = set flag01 to ON when variable changes if flag01 = 1

Master Slide Triggers

In regular slides off specific branches of a scenario, I set trigger to change variable flag01 to 1.

Slide Triggers

In theory, this should set the variable and the object for the rest of the course, unless I change the variable again.

However, on subsequent slides, the flag object resets to OFF.

Any help welcomed with open arms and beers!

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David Anderson

Hey Brian,

Try adding a second trigger to the slide master to also change the state of flag01 when the timeline starts with the condition that the flag01 variable is equal to 1.

Slide master timelines reset each time you move from one slide to another so you need the extra listener to evaluate variable changes.