Objects on Module stretched and font size increased

Jul 14, 2014


I had a coworker who initially had Articulate on a desktop, put then had it loaded on a laptop.

Please note that the laptop is hooked up to the same monitor that the desktop was previously hooked up to.

Well, when she opened up her Articulate modules on the laptop, the objects were stretched, and the font sized had increased.

Do you know why this happened?

Thanks for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sharron,

I'd check into the DPI setting the laptop and desktop are set up for - you'll want to ensure that they're using 96 DPI as detailed here. Also, double check that while working on the .story file the slide zoom is set to 100% as working at another zoom will cause elements of the slide to look misplaced or off when previewing/publishing.

John Linn

I am having the problem that "Objects are misplaced or distorted" as described on the linked page you reference. I have checked the settings for DPI and everything is right. See the attachment.

This course was originally created using Studio '07 but I have just updated to '13 and now have this issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

John Linn

OK, I have been playing with settings and have found if in the Player Properties>Other if I set the Player size to Lock player at optimal size then the issue goes away. I had changed that to try to solve the issue of when the LMS opens the course the full player is not displayed until the learner enlarges it... something I wanted to avoid. Some learners are not that computer savvy and may not know to resize the window... and why should they have to? I do not see where the window size is set in the .html file.

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