Screen recording issue on extended monitor

Sep 20, 2021

Has anybody else had difficulty doing screen recordings on extended monitors?

The Record Screen options works just fine when the window I want is on my laptop, but when I try it on the extended monitor the resulting video shows parts of my desktop, other windows, etc. (see attached screenshot). I've hooked my laptop up to multiple monitors and the result is always the same.

I guess one answer is "just record everything on your laptop screen," but that doesn't always work. My extended monitor is larger and there are some screen captures that require this larger monitor (the software that I'm training on gets cramped on a laptop screen).


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Ren Gomez

Hi Evan,

Thanks for sharing your experience. We've spotted instances of this happening on a second monitor when the DPI is greater than 96 (125%). 

If you set both your laptop and monitor to 100%, then restart your computer, does the screen capture work as expected? Here's an older but still helpful article that covers how to do that. 

Looking forward to hearing back!