Odd behaviour when using pause and play triggers on video screen demos

Hi, I have been trying to synch an audio file to a video screen recording I did in Storyline 2 and have been using the pause and play triggers to start and stop the video at points to allow the audio to catch up to the onscreen clicks. This works really well in the Flash (html output) put not in the html5 output. In html5, the video restarts from the beginning each time instead of resuming where the video was paused. I tested it in Chrome on my desktop and on my iPad2 and get the same results.  Is this an html5 limitation or is this a bug - inquiring minds want to know.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nancy, 

I do see an issue that sounds similar that was reported to our Quality Assurance team, that when viewing the HTML5 content it sometimes jumps back to the initial start point of the video instead of picking up where the user left off. I'd want to take a look at your file to confirm it's set up the same way and share that with our QA team as another example if you're able to share with us. 

Andreas Herting

Hey, I've got exactly the same problem:

To sync the audio with the video, I used the pause and play trigger in Storyline 2.
This works in flash (Chrome) really great, but the html5 version (iPad Safari/Chrome) doesn't work. Instead the video starts from the beginning.

Is there any solution right now?

Thanks for your help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for reaching out here. I see that this issue is still with our QA team for investigation, but unfortunately I don't have any other updates at this time. If you'd like our team to take a look at it and confirm it's the same issue you can look at sharing and uploading the file to us here. 

Martin Abildgaard

Hi Alyssa 

I'm using Storyline 2, update 12

On my slide I have a video, which I pause and resume using cue points on the time line as triggers. However, in the html5 version the video restarts from the beginning instead of resuming from where it was paused, which basically makes the html5 version useless.