Help with Audio! Audio plays, then loads, then plays again.


We have our emodule playing in safari using html5 outputs. Everything is working pretty well.

I have my own next/previous/audioplay/pause/stop buttons on screen.

When I hit the play audio button the audio will play but on screen there is the loading circle then when its done

loading my audio replays itself.

Any idea why this would be happening....?

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Robert Lengacher

Hi, Kevin,

A couple of questions that might help some of our other heroes solve your issue:

  • Are you using Safari on the Mac OS or in iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.)?
  • Have you tested this in other browsers? What were the results?
  • If your Play/Pause/Stop buttons are working, then it does not sound like a trigger issue.

I suspect it's a Safari-specific issue, especially if it's the mobile version. You can see from this link that occasionally issues specific to mobile Safari crop up, but they are usually fixed with updates. Good luck!

Kevin Dougherty

Thank you for a quick response.

1. iOS.

2. We have tested and for what we are trying safari best suited us.

3. Yea, there fine.

I have already downloaded that version, which is why this is really bothering me. We are going to have someone look into the backside of this and maybe kill the loader and try to find a work around.