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Simon Perkins

You mean for someone running a report within Saba, e.g an admin who wants to know how far X learners have got through course Y?  Or do you want learners to see a visual indicator of progress as well?

Would this be for a linear course, i.e a "next, next, next" page turner or for a course with branches etc?

Either way, I believe visited slides are captured in suspend data so you might be able to interrogate this so as to get something easily understandable in a report/data field.  Not sure in Saba though.

Steve Flowers

Suspend data is compressed so it's not human readable. SCORM package reporting is binary (Complete or Incomplete, Pass or Fail) except for score. No great way to do this out of the box. You might have good luck setting the lesson location to hold the current title or similar. But that'd be a hack that requires some JavaScript modifications and additional triggers.