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Geraud  Plantegenest

RISE and Articulate 360 published projects would definitely benefit from having a smartphone (iPhone and Android) version of the modern responsive player available for "offline" content viewing when no Internet connection is available. 

I have worked with clients that have this requirement (e.g., areas in Third World countries where no reliable Internet connection is available) and have opted to use other eLearning authoring platforms because this is not fully supported/updated in the Articulate product line. 

Does  Articulate have plans to update RISE and 360 to offer this feature in the near future?

Nick Strapp

It would be great to have the offline functionality of AMP available for files published using the Modern player. This is a newly discovered deficit and a great shame considering the improvements with the Modern player. For use by my folks offline function on iPad has been a brilliant option, so really sad that this is lost with the updated player.


Chuck Barritt

Agree with this need.  We also have to find a way for all our Articulate materials to work offline.  We have many users who are off the network for a full day or more as they work in remote forested areas. They can't maintain a full time network connection, and in fact have to use satellite phones for voice communications.