Offline Viewing with modern player

Oct 26, 2018

Will it some day be possible, to download a course for offline use, which is published with modern player?

Today there is no option, for using the Articualte mobile app, when using the modern player. 

Will there be an update for the Articulate mobile app?

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Nina Frankel

Hi all,

I too am wondering about using AMP for off-line use. With Flash being discontinued, is there any way for people to download an Articulate file and view it off-line? If I publish for the web, for instance, they would be able to view it online, right? But currently there is no way to view it offline? Is that right?

Just want to make sure I understand.

PLEEEEESE develop something for offline use as soon as you can. AMP was fabulous and I am distraught to learn that the app I've been working on might never be usable.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Anthony!

You can download Storyline files for offline viewing now. Just publish your content for CD and then you could either zip the published output, and copy it to a network drive. (Users must extract the zip file before viewing.) or zip the published output, and email it directly to users. (Users must extract the zip file before viewing it.)

Lauren Connelly

Hi Anthony!

You can add the course to the home screen on an iPad. One of my teammates listed out the steps:

  1. Publish your course to a web server (Amazon S3 for instance). Then, open the link to this published course on your iPad.
  2. Navigate through the entire course, visiting every slide.
  3. You want to add this course to your home screen on your iPad. In the Safari browser, this button is accessed by clicking on the icon that looks like a box with an arrow pointing up from it, and then selecting the "Add to Home Screen" button.
  4. Click the option to "Add". This action should then take you to the home screen and show a new icon for your course.
  5. To see if this worked, just press the home button on your iPad and place the device into airplane mode. (Drag your finger up from the bottom of the screen and click on the little airplane icon. Swipe down to close).
  6. Click on the course icon on the home screen to open up the course.

You should now be able to navigate through everything, even though you are offline. You can use that icon on the home screen of your iPad to bring up the course, and it should work fine whether or not you're connected to WiFi.

Hope this helps!