On-demand menu for mobile player courses

Does anyone have suggestions about providing an on-demand menu for courses running on iPad via the mobile player? Since the mobile player doesn't recognize tabs placed in the topbar, I'm burning brain cells trying to pinpoint a way to provide a slide-out menu that behaves like the regular Storyline menu - i.e., visited topics are displayed in a different color. The same question goes for setting up a slide-out Glossary.

My development group is trying to steer clear of using a left sidebar. Right now everything I've considered will require a fair amount of manual labor.

Any ideas, brilliant people?

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Phil Mayor

You could use a lightbox slide.  You will have to build states for each visited slide and use variables, its not an easy one.

Or using the same idea you could use a slide master and add a layer with your menu on, seperate states for each controlled via a t/f variable for each.  Again it is a bit o work.  But will do what you want