OneDrive and Storyline

Nov 01, 2021


Has anyone had any issues with Storyline files becoming corrupt when OneDrive is running background synchronization? My files become locked by OneDrive, I know this because I cannot move them, even when Storyline is closed. Anyway, after the files are synchronized, seemingly while the document is open in Storyline, it is then corrupt. 

I have turned off OneDrive and the issue has subsided. However, I turned OneDrive back on and the issue has reoccurred. 

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James Martin

I lost all my changes from yesterday working from a file in OneDrive. Searching a bit reveals this has been an issue for years. I'm going to work locally, but that's a pain when I'm working remotely. 

To be fair, Storyline is not the only application I know of that has trouble with working files stored in a file syncing app. But implementing a solution to this issue would be welcome. Working locally makes backups and collaborating with others needlessly difficult. 

Joseph Francis

I worked with Box Drive for over 3 years in collaborative environments with a wide variety of file-types. The single most-important lesson I learned is when you save a Storyline file to your local Box folder, either close the file or exit Storyline. Box Drive will not update its cloud file until the local file is closed. Depending on the size of the file and your data connection speed, the update to the cloud may not happen instantaneously. This can also affect those on the other end, who may need to open and work on the file when you are done with it.

Essentially, Box is using a pessimistic lock, in that it will not release the file to the cloud until the user is finished with it. And once the file is released, the update to the cloud is a version, not a replacement.