Only allow a layer to be shown when the audio has completed

Jan 07, 2014

How do I set up my triggers so that they will only work when the audio has finished playing. Here is what I want to do

I have audio on the main slide and request the user to click on a picture to view a layer. I do not want them to be able to move the layer until the audio has completed as there is audio on each layer as well and it will play over top of the original audio.

Likewise I don't want the user to move from one layer to the next until the audio for the layer they are viewing has completed.

I suspect that I have to create a variable and then add a condition for the triggers but I'm not sure how to structure it all.


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Gerry Wasiluk

Well, there is one very easy way to do this and I'll suggest that first.  Have two slides "act as one" to the learner.

Create your first slide with the audio.  Copy the slide and have the copy slide follow after the original.  Slide 1 moves to slide 2 automatically after the audio plays.  On the copy make the picture clickable with what you need.

If using the TOC, just make sure to remove the copy slide from view.

Simon Perkins

Hi Jan

I've attached a file showing one particular way to do this.

Just add an object (and called it Timer) off screen and have it appear when your audio finishes.  Then assign a trigger to your picture so it only opens the relevant layer on the condition that the (Timer) object's state is normal, i.e has appeared.

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