Only top half of built-in buttons are "hot"?

Here's feedback from my tester, who viewed in Firefox:
"The Submit buttons on the quiz question pages and the Prev/Next buttons at the end of the quiz seem to only respond when the top half of the buttons as clicked on with the cursor. I clicked a number of times without a response until I figured out that only the top half of the submit button was "hot"."

Note that I am publishing in HTML-5 with Flash backup and Story size is set to 1366 x 768 with aspect ratio locked and the Classic player. I cannot replicate his problems...but I wondered if any of you have seen this. Thought perhaps because of the large size of the Story (stage), that the browser might be zoomed in or out and that might affect the "hot" area?

Thanks in advance. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jessica!

Thanks for sharing your file with me! I see you're using a custom previous/next buttons on these slides, which are located on the Slide Master.

When I tested your published file in Firefox, I was able to click anywhere on the custom button to move to the next slide. I also tried zooming in and zooming out in the browser, and that didn't make a difference. 

Have you had any other reports of this issue. Do you know the exact version of Firefox the tester was using?