Onscreen subtitles and zoom regions don't mix! :-(

Aug 11, 2015

I have created a project with subtitles that appear on the screen but I've just discovered that the few slides where I've used zoom regions, my subtitles end up offscreen as soon as the camera moves. Does anyone have any ideas for how to get around this?  I could use the Transcript function and have them in the sidebar but this is the third in a series of three courses and the subtitles are consistent throughout so I would have to change them all to accommodate 2 slides out of almost 200!  The subtitles are on a separate layer - it would be great if you could control whether or not layers are affected during a zoom - that would be a good feature request.

Any suggestions that don't involve switching everything over to the Transcript function?

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Mel Ruth

Hi Rachel - I have considered that but, unfortunately, the zoom happens in the middle of a line of dialogue so it would have to actually zoom with it.  I might try playing with the possibility of having two layers (one full-size and one zoomed) that fade into each other but it will definitely not look seamless.  It might be the closest I can get without having to redo them all, though!  Thank you for your suggestion!

Mel Ruth

The advice I received from Articulate staff that seems like it will work the best is to record the slide playing so that I have it as a video, then insert the video into the slide so that I get the zoom effect without having to keep the zoom on the slide. Then I can still insert my subtitles over top and have them not get cut off.  I am going to try that!

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