Open an Interactive PDF from Articulate in Adobe Reader

Dec 18, 2014

I have been looking around for answers on the e-learning heroes site, but nothing seems to address my particular issue. I have created an interactive PDF that includes a video, form fields, and some other interactions and I have added it to my Articulate file. Users click a button to launch the file and Articulate opens the PDF in a web browser. The interactivity does not work in a web browser; it needs a reader (Adobe Reader) for that. Of course users can save the file to their computers and then open it in Adobe Reader, but I'd rather it open directly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks, Ben

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Dwayne Schamp

You could put instructions on how to download and then open in adobe reader on the first page of the attachment. That would be easier than having your end learners having to navigate through preferences to change a setting. And some of them might not even be able to access those settings.


Ben Cole

That's a definite yes on the instructions... FYI to those following, the PDF is interactive in IE, which is great. And Firefox gives a warning: "This PDF document contains forms. The filling of form fields is not supported." It also provides a button to "Open With Different Viewer," where users can select Adobe Reader. I haven't been able to test it on Chrome or Safari yet. Thanks for the suggestions! I love this community. :)

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