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Michael Hinze

Steve, I assume you refer to the debug window by a URL? In that case, you could add a keypress trigger to the master slide which would then launch the debug window's URL. See this example here, from any slide, you can press a key and a URL opens in a new window. Just make sure that you don't use a key or key combination (like CTRL+O) that is used by the browser. Hope this helps.

Steve  Galway

Thanks Michael,

The debug I want to open is the one set by changing the 'lms\configuration.js' file (in the published course folder. You can have it launch on course start by changing 'var SHOW_DEBUG_ON_LAUNCH = false;' to 'true'.

Obviously having this only launch on a key-press would be much better. I've looked at your solution and it's a great idea but I'd need to publish the course to get the url for the debug window. I'd then need to republish the course to include the functionality. I'd prefer to have a solution that I can implement at the development stage.

I'm currently looking at java script to open the debug window on a key-press using the existing 'showDebugWindow();' function.

If I find a solution I'll post it here.

Thanks for your help


Steve  Galway

OK. I worked this out and I'm posting it in case anyone else is interested. I couldn't find a solution online so apologies if this is covering old ground. It ended up being pretty straightforward. As usual I was complicating the issue!

In Storyline add a JavaScript trigger. Call this from a key press, button or whatever you choose. The trigger is simply:


In the published course folder locate the 'SCORM2004Functions.js' file in '\lms' folder and add the following function:

function DebugWindow() {

That seems to be it. Works across all browsers I've tested it in. I was complicating this by trying to write JavaScript to capture multiple key presses etc.

Thanks to Michael for focusing me back on what Storyline itself can do