Optimal/Recommended (not Minimal) 360 Suite System Specs

I contacted Support last week about optimal/recommended system specs. I was told only that Articulate 360 has minimum specs online (which I already knew from research I did prior to contacting Support) -- and that the suite is supposed to function with a Surface tablet-PC. What I really need to know is whether 360 works well with a Surface, or if a full laptop/desktop is advisable. I'd have to build a business case for my manager to approve such a device, instead of the Surface randomly assigned to me by tech fulfillment without consideration of my role as a multimedia designer.  What I asked for was optimal/recommended system specs (not minimum), which used to be a not-uncommon thing with applications, and I would still like to know that. I can't request a different machine without solid reasons to back it up.

What say ye, Community, would you design and develop (particularly in the system-resources-intensive, locally-installed Storyline e-learning and Replay video apps) on a Surface day-to-day? If not, do you have specific reasons why not, which I might adapt in a biz case/request? I'd rather not wait until I've had projects crash or groan-at-the-seams multiple times, and then start lobbying for another device.

Thank you!  :)

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Hans Christian Macaraeg

Hello Michael,

It is really a headache if your system crashed in the middle of your project or if your system cannot catch up with your requirements. For me, most application are the same, you need to have the best gear for minimize or eliminate system setbacks. As a gamer, video and photo editor I recommend this specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7 | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 | RAM: 8GB  (16GB is way way better but 8GB RAM will suffice)

Screen: 15.6-inch FHD (1920x1080) – 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) | Storage: 1TB HDD (if you can have 1TB SSD then your system will be a lot faster but then again, 1TB HDD will also suffice)

I am working on a Dell XPS 15 and I never had issues with lags, stuck ups or application crashes. In my opinion if my system can handle multiple video rendering and photo editing applications at the same then it should be able to run Storyline 360 with ease.

About the the Surface, I am really comfortable working with it as it has it's limitations.

Let me know your thoughts. Have a great day!