Options to develop training for a customer with No LMS

May 06, 2019

Hi folks -  I'm hoping someone on this discussion group can help me.  I have a customer who needs training built, but doesn't have an LMS or access to one.  The final training hand-off is being requested as a CD-ROM.   Shocking - I know!

Is it possible to build interactive training, and burn the final output on a CD? 

If so, how?

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Pam Tenaglia

Ashley - Thanks for all that great information. I explained to my employer (Raytheon), that hosting training on an LMS or web server, would be the best option.   

I was asked to do some research for a project, where the customer is asking for the training to be handed off on a CD-ROM.  I'm assuming the customer is a little behind in the times for hardware - or maybe they don't have internet access out in the field. I have no idea. I wasn't given many details.

The folks at Raytheon use Captivate for eLearning (I am not a fan). Captivate doesn't have the capabilities to publish for CD. I've been trying to switch my team over to SL for months now, telling them how much better it is than Captivate. 

Anyhow, my supervisor is looking into purchasing SL360. Your answer solidified my claim. I can't tell you how happy I am.

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