Order triggers are processed?

Is there a list somewhere of the order in which Storyline processes triggers that happen at the beginning of a timeline? Which shapes on a slide are rendered first?

(for context: I have a slide with four objects on it: two images and two text boxes. The two images have triggers that change their state when the timeline begins based on the value of a variable. I would like the text boxes to change their state based on the state of the images. However, it seems like Storyline is processing the text boxes first, then the images.)


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Walt Hamilton

Set the text boxes to appear at 0.01 of the slide timeline, and their triggers to execute at the start of the timeline of the text box.

As far as precedence of triggers that execute at the start of the slide timeline, they will execute in the order they apper in the trigger pane, from top to bottom.

The beginning of the processing of objects is most likely from bottom to top of the Z-order list, but the completion of that processing will depend on its complexity.