Ordering elements of base layer on layers

Hello I have 2 questions,

  1. I'm using a slider, I have 4 layers each with text and an image - I would like the image to appear underneath the slider. The image is nonly half of the slide so cannot be the background.
  2. When inserting an image into a shape as fill is there any way of maintaining apsect ratios?

Thanks in advance,



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Tony Jones
  1. Instead of using 4 layers (which will always appear above the slider, if it's on the base layer), try the same with 4 different states (each containing the text and image) of an element which sits below the slider
  2. In the Format Shape box, select 'Picture or Texture fill' and then select 'Tile picture as texture'. This will tile the picture at the correct aspect ratio - just change the ScaleX and ScaleY percantages so that your image then fits snuggly.
Ryan Blyth

Hi Tony, I tried your second point but it was getting unnecessariiy complicated. I decided to stick with layers as it was less involved, I reformatted the slider so the layering didn't really matter.

Thanks for the example Michael - I did try that method as explained before - £I was pleased to see it looked a lot like your example.

Thanks for the tip re. the images - still feels a bit like trial and error though.

Thanks again,