Our LMS is not tracking products viewed using the storyline app. Is this a thing?


our LMS is Digital Ignite. When a learner downloads and uses the app for storyline, our LMS is not able to track usage so no certificate is distributed. We need proof for regulatory reasons. 

Is this a known glitch or is there some setting I am missing...

Thanks. d


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Brian Allen

Hello Deirdre,

The Articulate Mobile Player (the app) is only Tin Can/xAPI compliant.  If your LMS does not support Tin Can then you cannot use the Articulate Mobile Player to track content in your LMS.

If your LMS is not Tin Can compliant then you should deselect the Mobile Player checkbox when publishing and just choose HTML5.  The HTML5 content will launch in your mobile browser and is SCORM compliant. 

We use it with our LMS and it tracks well.

Here is a little more detail on how to distribute your Articulate content - https://www.articulate.com/support/storyline-2/how-to-distribute-articulate-storyline-content-for-flash-html5-and-articulate-mobile-player-sl2