Outlining hotspot boxes


I have 3 hotspot boxes on a screenshot and have outlined them in yellow.  When previewing the screen the outlined boxes are not showing although the hotspot does work if selecting the area.  I have tried all of the bring forward and bring back options but cannot get the outline to show - it does not even show when I remove the screenshot to just leave the outlined hotspots.

This was initially an upgrade from 1 which did not work and I recreated the hotspots in 3.

Thanks for your help.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dorothy,

I don't believe that was an option in Storyline 1 either, to outline the hotspots. They're designed to be invisible to the user, and cover an area so that you could have an event triggered when the user clicked or hovered over it for example. As Michael mentioned, perhaps you'd want to use transparent shapes?