Output Storyline variable results to Sharepoint List

Jul 21, 2017

Hello everyone.  I'm still relatively new to the community!  We've created a micro learning game through Storyline3 and I'm wanting to export the results of the game to a SharePoint list.  The information we want to collect is relatively simple (ie. Name, ID, Score), which I've created as variables.  Is there a script I can run that will output the scores to a SharePoint list?  I plan on also hosting the game on SharePoint itself as a web package.

Anyone had success doing this?  

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Brian Dennis

I'd imagine script wise you could search out these forums for people that have published data to Google Spreadsheets as a starting point. Full disclosure - Sharepoint isn't really the easiest to target, and almost goes out of its way to block this functionality. You're heading down a really, really long and painful road. Good luck. Found this thread which might get you kick started.

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