Overlapping Audio in States using hotspots

Hi there, 

I have a slide with icons, normal and selected states. I also have a hotspot trigger on each of these so the user has more space to click the icon. Each 'selected' state has an audio clip that is played when associated hotspot is clicked. 

I need to create additional triggers to ensure there is no overlap of audio if the user decides to click ahead before one clip is finished. Can someone please provide specific trigger conditions to assist with this? I have played around with several ways and cannot seem to make it work. Thanks!! See attached file. 

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David Schwartz

Hi Laura,

Found one way to do it. Essentially, there was no good way I could find to address the media in states via triggers. So I moved all of the media out of states and added triggers for each, launched by the hotspot click. I added a T/F variable, and triggers associated with a change to the variable that stop all 7 media items. Each hotspot has two triggers that toggle the variable to assure it is changed on each hotspot click.

There might be a more elegant solution, but it seems to be working as expected.