Overlapping narration between layers

Nov 26, 2014

Hello all.

Myself and a colleague have worked on this problem until I'm ready to pull my hair out. I'm have a terrible problem with two slides (see attached) of a huge CBT.

Most of the slides and their layers have audio. On some, the narration overlaps if the user clicks to the next layer before they should (which many of our users are inclined to do...)

I've set up variables and triggers that seem to work on SOME layers, but not others. I also can't seem to get the audio to not play when the slide/layer is revisited.

HELP! I'm on a ledge!!!!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Vicki!

For the first scene, where the audio overlapped, you would need to set the initial layer that appears upon click to "hide other slide layers" This should stop the audio of the previous tab that was clicked.

As far as not playing the audio when revisiting, you can set the slide to "resume saved state" upon revisiting.

Attached is an update file. let us know if this helps!

Vicki Harp

Hi Emily! Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, making those changes did not work.  For example, even on the updated file you sent me: On 2.1 "Development Philosophy," click the "Planning" tab. Then click the next layer. Roll your mouse off of the primary white rectangle (the big rectangle in the middle of the screen). When the mouse leaves that rectangle, the audio for the Planning tab begins again. EVEN though I have "resume to saved state" selected in that layer's properties.

And the second problem: I configured my layers exactly as yours are configured in the updated file that you sent back to me. The audio of my layers STILL overlaps. (i.e. in your 1.1, the audio stops when the user clicks a different tab. But in MY file, the audio continues when the user clicks a differnt tab.

Emily Ruby

Hello Vicki!

On slide 2.1, the triggers to "stop media" when hovering over the hotspots, they were set to restore on mouse leave. This is why the "planning tab audio" was replaying. I have updated those for you.

As far as the audio overlapping, you will need to change the slide layers to "hide other slide layers" in the layer properties in order to stop the audio:

Attached is an update.

Hope this helps!

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